Brief Overview

Firstly, we supply our products at highly reasonable prices. Secondly, our team works with focus and never make mistakes while processing the orders of clients. These three reasons justify that we are the most efficient manufacturer.

For us the most important factor is customer satisfaction for which we give our 100% while working for clients. From accurate packaging of the items to prompt delivery of consignments we are careful about everything. We are very delighted to see great response from markets across the nation in return of our services. Clients are admiring our efforts to bring-forth the best to them. We promise that we will be serving them like this in future also.

Why To Choose Us?

We do not over-charge for our services. Since the beginning of our journey, we are giving our best to make the competitors feel our presence. We are successful at this, and following are some of the reasons that are responsible for this:

  • Wide distribution network
  • Qualitative offerings
  • Reasonable price structure

Quality Assurance

Our brand is considered supreme due to the unmatched quality of our Catechu. In comparison to the Kattha provided by our firm this item is the purest. No adulterants or harmful substances are mixed with our products. Additionally, our products are packed using finest grade packaging material which is responsible to conserve the freshness of product as well as to protect is prom moisture and dirt.

Our Products

Our company is specialized in manufacturing below enlisted products:

Kattha (Catechu)- It is one of the main ingredients used for making Paan from betel leaves and gives red coloration. It is also good for digestion, gives cooling effect and used as astringent. Further, Kattha is also used in Ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of rejuvenation.

Cutch (Tannin)- Cutch/Tannin belongs to a class of astringent which adds color and flavor in tea. It is an important ingredient used in the process of tanning leather and used in the production of anti-corrosive primer.